3 Signs the Glass in Your Window is Compromised

You may think that your windows only need to be repaired or replaced if the glass is shattered or cracked. However, this isn't the case. Your windows can suffer types of damage that are not as visible as broken glass but can compromise the ability of the glass to protect your home. Below is a guide to 3 signs that your windows need repair. Increased noise When your windows are operating as they should be, they will block the noise generated by passing traffic, aircraft flying overhead and barking dogs. [Read More]

For an Updated and Modern Look to Your Home, Use Frameless Glass!

Using glass around the home can make the interior look very modern and updated, and keep it bright and inviting rather than dark, dim, and unwelcoming. If you've never considered using glass inside the home for anything other than windows, note where you might add some frameless glass panels, so that your home looks bright, modern, and new. Staircases and balconies To open up a stairwell and keep it from looking dark and overpowering, use frameless glass as both the balusters and balustrades. [Read More]

How to Choose the Right Commercial Glass Appearance for a Storefront

When you own or operate a store or restaurant of any sort, you want to ensure the front of that business has sufficiently large windows, so that potential customers to see inside. This can often encourage passersby to stop and visit your shop, whereas a store without large windows can seem foreboding and unwelcoming, actually frightening off potential customers. Note a few tips on choosing the right commercial glass appearance so that you know those front windows will work well for your business. [Read More]