3 Signs the Glass in Your Window is Compromised

You may think that your windows only need to be repaired or replaced if the glass is shattered or cracked. However, this isn't the case. Your windows can suffer types of damage that are not as visible as broken glass but can compromise the ability of the glass to protect your home. Below is a guide to 3 signs that your windows need repair.

Increased noise

When your windows are operating as they should be, they will block the noise generated by passing traffic, aircraft flying overhead and barking dogs. If you notice that the level of noise inside your home has increased, this is a sign that your windows could be allowing noise to enter. This is often a result of the glass in the window frame moving away from the frame, which will allow sound to pass through into your home.

You can check if the glass is loose by gently pressing your hand against the glass. If you feel the glass move within the frame, you should call in a glass contractor who will be able to reseal the glass in the window frame or replace it. This will help to noise-proof your home.

Fogging on the window

If you notice that the inside of the glass on your windows is starting to fog up, this is due to the formation of condensation. Condensations forms when moisture and cool air from the outside leaks into the inside of your home. This fogging is often a result of broken seals around the edge of the glass. If you notice that your windows are fogging up, you should contact a glass contractor who will be able to reseal the windows to prevent condensation from entering.

Dirty glass that you cannot clean

If when you are trying to clean your windows you notice that it streaks or that there are areas of dirt that cannot be removed, this means that the glass in your windows is scratched. Dirt and grime collect in these scratched areas and become ingrained, making your windows look really bad. If you notice this problem, you should contact a glass contractor and arrange for the windows to be replaced.

If you would like more information about how to deal with damaged or broken windows, you should contact a glass contractor for a consultation. The contractor will visit your home to inspect the windows before offering further advice.