How to Choose the Right Commercial Glass Appearance for a Storefront

When you own or operate a store or restaurant of any sort, you want to ensure the front of that business has sufficiently large windows, so that potential customers to see inside. This can often encourage passersby to stop and visit your shop, whereas a store without large windows can seem foreboding and unwelcoming, actually frightening off potential customers. Note a few tips on choosing the right commercial glass appearance so that you know those front windows will work well for your business.


Storefront glass should be clear so that the interior is easily visible to anyone going by, but if the building doesn't get much shade, and especially if it's located in a climate with lots of bright sunlight, you want a tint on those windows. This will keep the interior cooler, so that you use less energy for air conditioning during the summer, and can also protect your items on display from fading due to direct sunlight. In some cases, metal fixtures can actually become uncomfortably hot when located next to those large windows! A slight tint will protect the store and your inventory while not obscuring the view from the outside.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass provides some privacy while also allowing in sunlight. This can be good for restaurants where diners are seated near the windows, as they may not want to feel as if they're on display when eating. You can add frosted stripes along the bottom of the glass, at the height of diners, so that potential patrons can still see some of the restaurant's interior. You can also use frosted stripes in any pattern to add some unique style to your storefront, allowing it to stand out from other businesses around it.

Silk screened glass

Silk screened glass is made with a layer of a paint or silica; this makes the glass look as if it's very lightly frosted, but silk screened glass is often used to cut down on glare without blocking sunlight. The very light colour of the silk screen also allows for an unobstructed view through the glass. If your storefront is located in a very bright area, or if employee computers face a window and there is a glare on those screens, silk screened glass can be a good alternative to tinted glass. You might also prefer the white colour of silk screen versus the dark colour of tint, so ask your glass merchant if this might be the best option for your business.