Three Important Things to Know When Buying Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Aluminium windows feature a timeless look that works well for most home designs. The material is affordable, durable, visually appealing and low-maintenance. Unlike steel, aluminium doesn't have iron in its composition; therefore, it does not rust when exposed to the elements. The sturdiness of the material also makes it ideal for homes in hailstorm-prone areas. If you are in the market for new aluminium windows, take note of these tips to help you make an informed choice.

Invest in high-quality aluminium windows.

There are different types and grades of aluminium windows, some of which are inferior to others. Low-grade or inferior products are likely to leak within a short time, exposing your home to moisture damage. Low-quality aluminium also warps easily on impact. Therefore, if you want durable windows, opt for high-quality aluminium from reputable suppliers. These products meet the standards set by the regulatory authorities to protect homeowners. Therefore, before buying new windows, check for compliance with window and glass regulations.

Consider heat loss through the window.

Traditional aluminium windows are sometimes inefficient because they allow heat to pass through them. Conversely, modern windows undergo special processes to prevent heat loss and boost energy efficiency. These processes are:

  • Application of reflective finishes that reflect solar radiation and prevent heat loss
  • Use of a thermal break between the interior and exterior aluminium layers to prevent heat exchange
  • Use of wood-clad aluminium, which has aluminium on the exterior and wood on the interior to create a thermal barrier

Remember, windows lose heat through the glass as well. Therefore, pair your aluminium frame with double-glazed glass to reduce heat transfer and maximise energy efficiency.

Think about security features.

Security is a key factor to consider when purchasing residential windows. Poorly secured windows can act as vulnerable access points for intruders. Clear window glass also allows intruders to peep inside the home and plan their attacks. Therefore, consider these security features when buying aluminium windows:

  • Multipoint locks: To deter burglars, your windows should have multiple locking points. Choose multipoint locks with at least three locking points for better security.
  • Toughened glass: Standard window glass shatters easily on impact, making it a potential intrusion point. Opt for toughened glass, which has better resistance to breakage than standard window glass. Instead of cracking on impact, the glass shatters into small, blunt pieces to avoid injury.
  • Tinted window glass: Tinted window glass allows one-way vision, which means that people outside the house cannot see inside. This is a great burglar-deterrent feature that prevents intruders from peeping inside your home.

Besides these features, you can install window alarms and sensors to notify you of potential intrusions into your home.

Use these tips to help you purchase quality, energy-efficient and burglar-proof aluminium windows for your home. Consult a window installation service for further assistance with aluminium windows