For an Updated and Modern Look to Your Home, Use Frameless Glass!

Using glass around the home can make the interior look very modern and updated, and keep it bright and inviting rather than dark, dim, and unwelcoming. If you've never considered using glass inside the home for anything other than windows, note where you might add some frameless glass panels, so that your home looks bright, modern, and new.

Staircases and balconies

To open up a stairwell and keep it from looking dark and overpowering, use frameless glass as both the balusters and balustrades. A thick glass is usually sufficient to offer the same support as a handrail, and solid glass panels can actually be a safer choice for homes with children and pets, as they offer no space between spindles for a stuck head, a toy being pushed over the ledge, and so on.

Along with an interior staircase, you might choose frameless glass to surround a balcony, if your home has one, rather than a standard railing. This will offer an unobstructed view of the horizon while making that exterior space seem updated and very sleek.

Patio doors

The door to your patio may be made of glass, but any frame around that glass is bound to detract from your view to the outside. Frameless glass can open up the space adjoining your patio, and can allow you to keep a better eye on children or pets who are outside.

Office doors

If you have a home office and don't need privacy in the space, avoid a boxy feeling in your home by using frameless glass for the door and walls of that room. Thick glass can insulate sound so that you can work in peace, and will make the space look very modern while also ensuring you are able to keep an eye on your children while you're working.


An interior or exterior glass wall, or a floor-to-ceiling window, can be a great choice for any room in the home where you want lots of sunlight and an open view. You might even have this type of glass wall installed in a second story bathroom, where you don't need much privacy but want to enjoy the view while soaking in a tub. These walls or oversized windows may not be completely frameless, but the frame used can be so small that it doesn't detract from the view, allowing maximum light and a very open, modern feeling for any space in the home.