How To Replace Glass On A High-Rise Building

Have you ever wondered how professionals manage to replace the glass on high-rise buildings? It is a daunting task that requires skill, precision and utmost care, given the extreme heights and limited access. So what are some of the techniques used by professionals in this situation?

Early Assessment

The first step in replacing the glass on a high-rise building is to conduct a thorough assessment of the building and identify the challenges that might arise during the process. The assessment includes evaluating the condition of the current glass, determining the type of glass that needs to be installed and analysing any external factors that could affect the process.

Add the Rigging

Once the assessment is complete, the professionals will then proceed to set up the scaffolding or rigging systems that will allow them to access the glass panels. The scaffolding systems are designed to provide a safe and stable platform for the workers to stand on as they carry out the replacement process.

Remove the Damaged Glass

The next step is to remove the damaged or old glass panels from the building. This process involves cutting out the old panels, removing any remaining adhesive and cleaning the area for the new glass panel to be installed. This part of the process requires extreme caution to avoid causing any further damage to the building or endangering the workers.

Introduce the Replacement

Once the area is clear and the new glass panel is ready, the professionals will carefully position the panel onto the building and secure it in place. This part of the process requires precision, as any mishandling could result in breakage or misalignment of the panel. The professionals will use specialised equipment such as suction cups, clamps and braces to ensure that the glass is installed correctly.

Final Inspection

Finally, the professionals will conduct a thorough quality inspection to ensure that the glass panels are installed correctly and meet the required safety standards. They will check for any cracks, chips or misalignments and carry out any necessary repairs or adjustments. Once everything is in order, the scaffolding and rigging systems are dismantled, and the job site is cleaned up.

What to Bear in Mind

Replacing glass on a high-rise building is an art that requires the right set of skills, expertise and technology. It is a complex process that involves various stages, from assessment to installation to inspections. Professionals in the field must have the necessary training and experience to carry out the process safely and efficiently. 

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