Let's Talk Splashbacks! Comparing the Material Options Available in the Market

Many times, uninformed investors make mistakes building their homes only to learn about them when it is too late. One of these mistakes lies specifically on the kitchen walls. When building, you should consider installing splashbacks on the walls to protect your lovely walls from the build-up of dirt and grime. It is best to incorporate splashbacks at the initial stage of the construction rather than bringing them in as an afterthought. If you are considering buying some, here are the material options available in the market:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the many options at your disposal. It is strong, corrosion resistant and polished properly to refine the aesthetic appeal. The surface is also easy to clean with minimal need for persistent scrubbing. Ideally, stainless steel splashbacks should be used alongside stainless steel appliances (cookers, cabinets, refrigerators) and fittings. They blend in well. They are the go-to option for someone who isn't looking to paint his splashbacks to fit the overall surrounding.


Glass has also found its way into the kitchen. It's a new trend that has brought textured glass tiles and pieces usable in various parts of the kitchen. Glass has many benefits when used as a kitchen splashback. Unlike stainless steel, glass is available in a range of tints and colours, making it easy to match with various kitchen backgrounds. Glass is available in both standard and cut-to-size options, making it easy to fit and install in various locations in your kitchen. To add on that, glass has an added advantage over other materials because it is capable of reflecting the light that falls on it. You can add backlighting to enhance certain sections of the kitchen and emphasise the aesthetic appeal.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is another Splashbacks material that you can buy. It is easy to incorporate it into other materials such as concrete. Good examples of natural stones are granite and marble. Marble is the better alternative of the two. It is rich in detail and grain, making it more appealing. It is also soft and easy to work with for simple applications like splashback installation.

Wallpaper Splashback

If you have already set up with your kitchen without any splashback, then wallpaper splashback is the best solution for you. It helps for those whom splashback comes as an afterthought. When choosing, make sure that you select washable wallpaper so that you can easily get rid of any sputtering caused by cooking and doing dishes.