2 Stunning And Creative Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

Glass is an essential material in modern home design and construction. Windows, mirrors and shower screens are the most obvious and common uses for glass in any type of residential construction or renovation projects. However, these functional purposes for glass aren't the only way to make use of glass in your home. Here are two stunning and creative ways to use glass in a contemporary and stylish way in your home.

1. Glass splashbacks

Splashbacks are an essential feature in your kitchen and bathroom to protect the walls from water damage. Traditionally, tiles have been used for this purpose but there is a wide variety of different materials that are now used in modern interior design. Glass is a striking and modern material to use for your splashbacks and will add light and colour to the rooms.

Glass splashbacks allow you to have creative control over the colour palette and style of your bathroom and kitchen. You can opt for coloured glass, patterned glass or etched glass for a bold and decorative look. 

If you prefer the versatility to change the look of your room with ease, clear glass over a painted back board lets you choose your favourite colour and change it whenever your tastes or design trends change. You can even use large scale photographic prints behind the splashbacks for a highly decorative and personalised look.

2. Cast glass benchtops

For a truly unique and eye-catching look, a cast glass bench top will make a beautiful and edgy feature in your kitchen or bathroom. The molten glass is poured into a custom made mould and you'll end up with a solid bench top that fits your countertop precisely. The casting process renders the glass so it's strong, durable and able to withstand the rigours of daily use.

Cast glass bench tops give you an opportunity to add your personality to a room. They can be cast in traditional square shapes or you can add curves for a more organic and flowing look. The glass can be coloured and you can also embed stones, glass chips or other items within it for extra impact. Cast glass bench tops can also be illuminated by using strip lighting along one edge for a bright and ambient lighting display.

These striking and contemporary glass ideas can be created for your home by your local glass manufacturer. Contact them to discuss your plans and the different options they have available.