A Few Important Details to Remember When Having a Glass Storefront Installed

If you have a store, restaurant or any such business that relies on walk-in foot traffic, you need a nice glass storefront. Potential customers usually like to see the inside of a business before they step inside, and large glass windows at the front of your building can make the interior brighter and more welcoming for customers already inside. When you are ready to have a glass storefront installed, note a few important details that are very easy to overlook, but which might make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your business and the durability of the glass itself.

Location of doors

It may sound very silly, but don't underestimate how often a customer can't actually find the entryway door when you have a large glass storefront. This is because many stores and other businesses use automatic sliding doors that don't have handles. In turn, the glass storefront often looks like a long row of solid glass, and customers may easily walk into one panel, expecting it to slide open.

When designing your storefront, include large signs on stationary panels that point to the actual entryway, and the words "ENTER" and "EXIT" in big, bold letters on the actual doors. Put plants, displays, and other such items behind the stationary glass, inside your business, in order to make it easier to discern that those panels are not entryways.

Make it unique

Call attention to your storefront with unique glass to make your business stand out. This might include frosted stripes or a deep tint in a blue or green colour. Note where framing might add some visual interest; rather than solid panels for the doors and windows, add grilles or wood pieces that create the look of panels. This can break up the look and make your storefront stand out from the crowd.

Glass for your needs

Not all glass is alike, and you need to choose a type of glass based on your needs in particular. If your store is located in an area with lots of hot, direct sunlight, you want a reflective glass that will bounce that light off its surface, as well as low-e glass, which deflects heat. This will offer maximum protection for your store's interior. If there is the risk of vandalism or of flying debris hitting the glass, such as from a nearby roadway, choose toughened glass, which is more shatter-resistant than other types of glass. You can also choose double-glazed glass, which will help insulate your business on the inside and block noise from the outside.

Contact a commercial glass company for additional information.