Benefits of Kitchen Printed Glass Splashbacks

Rather than cover your splashback area with traditional tiles, why not give it a fresher look with a sleek glass cover? You can even personalise the splashback by having a digital image of your choice printed on the back. Consider several benefits of a printed glass splashback.

Unlimited Picture Options

You can personalise these splashbacks by choosing from an endless array of online digital images, which your installer can print on the back of the panels. Only your imagination limits what you can choose. You could select a picture that blends gradients of blues and greens filled with swirls and gradients for a graphic look.

Another idea is to print photographs of substances on the glass. For example, you could pick a photo of a stunning white marble slab. That way, you'll enjoy the look of a beautiful exclusive material at a much better price. Other options include a forest scene or a picture of tiles or mosaics. You can create a printed glass splashback to suit any kitchen style. So whether your home is rustic, industrial, Scandi, or minimalist, you'll find an appropriate picture.


Because of their shine, glass splashbacks reflect light around a kitchen, giving it a brighter ambience. If your space is small and lacks natural light, a glass splashback will help open up the area. Additionally, the glass panels are in the ideal position to bounce light onto the countertops, allowing you to see what you're doing when preparing food. You'll save on ongoing lighting costs with the additional illumination.

Easy to Clean

The splashback is at the forefront of working in the kitchen, as its purpose is to capture all the splashes that would otherwise go on the wall behind. Thus, splashbacks naturally get grubby during cooking, so it's crucial to install an easy-to-clean material. Glass is perfect in that respect as you can wipe it with a microfiber cloth or glass cleaner. A printed glass splashback consists of several large panels that connect seamlessly, so you won't have to deal with grout lines that require extra scrubbing.


Printed glass splashbacks use toughened safety glass which is ultra-strong. The panels undergo a specific tempering process of rapid heating and cooling that makes them about four times tougher than a standard window pane. This process also renders the glass heat resistant, so it won't have problems withstanding the warmth that emanates from a nearby stove.