How To Replace Glass On A High-Rise Building

Have you ever wondered how professionals manage to replace the glass on high-rise buildings? It is a daunting task that requires skill, precision and utmost care, given the extreme heights and limited access. So what are some of the techniques used by professionals in this situation? Early Assessment The first step in replacing the glass on a high-rise building is to conduct a thorough assessment of the building and identify the challenges that might arise during the process. [Read More]

Three Important Things to Know When Buying Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Aluminium windows feature a timeless look that works well for most home designs. The material is affordable, durable, visually appealing and low-maintenance. Unlike steel, aluminium doesn't have iron in its composition; therefore, it does not rust when exposed to the elements. The sturdiness of the material also makes it ideal for homes in hailstorm-prone areas. If you are in the market for new aluminium windows, take note of these tips to help you make an informed choice. [Read More]

A Guide to Glass Repair

A damaged window can have a significant impact on how well the building performs. To avoid temperature imbalances and draftiness, it may be necessary to repair the damage as soon as possible. This article explores the steps a contractor will take to repair a damaged glass window. Read on to find out more. Damage Assessment When a window has been damaged, the first step that needs to be taken is to make an assessment of the damage. [Read More]

Two misconceptions about stained glass

Here are two of the biggest misconceptions about stained glass. Stained glass windows have to be single glazed One misconception about stained glass windows is that they can only be single glazed. This can put people off using this beautiful glass in their homes, as they may worry that without double-glazing in some rooms, their home might be less energy efficient and that the single-glazed windows might be easier to for burglars to break. [Read More]