Best Types of Shower Screens You'll Find in the Market Today

Are you hunting for a shower screen for your bathroom? The shower screens you will find in the market today vary by design, size and material. As such, it's crucial to make sure that you invest in the right shower screen that suits your requirements and family needs.

If you are a first-timer, you must be wondering how you can make a choice. The key to making an informed decision is to know basic details about the shower screens that suppliers offer, including their strengths and faults. This post will share some quick facts on various forms of shower screens to make the selection process easier.

Fixed-panel screens

Would you like to install a simple but large shower enclosure in your bathroom? One of the best options you can consider is the fixed panel shower screen. This type of shower screen sports a luxurious and minimalist appearance, thanks to its single frameless glass pane that doesn't move. The glass contains water even though it doesn't slide or swing open.

You'll need to walk around it to access the shower enclosure as it has a fixed door that can contain water efficiently. The back side will be open, so you'll walk right in. Besides, the shower water will not reach the back part of the enclosure, meaning the screen won't need to handle excess water.

Frameless screens

Another option you can consider is to get a frameless shower screen. These screens are purely made of glass and do not have components like clamps, channels, fixings and a frame. Once installed, the screens will provide the most minimalist look you'll ever see.

Most homeowners prefer these screens regardless of the cost because they are suitable for small bathrooms and make the room appear luxurious. You also won't need to worry about natural light or problems like corrosion. Maintenance will also be easier since it's just the glass screens.

Sliding door screens

This form of shower screen is known for its ability to save space, making it an ideal option for property owners with small bathrooms. The glass doors neither open inwards or outwards. The other features are similar to the other screens mentioned above, so consider it if your bathroom has limited space.

Corner screens

As the name suggests, corner screens are installed on corners and come with a pivot door installed on one or two fixed sides. This type of screen is affordable because you'll only need two panels and the door. Consider this shower screen if you have a small- or medium-sized bathroom.