How To Take Care Of Your Glass Doors

Glass doors have been a popular addition to millions of houses and businesses across the world, and in Australia, they have remained in vogue for decades. Perhaps due to the more tropical and summer-loving populace, glass doors have scarcely gone out of style since they became a trend and several notable variations, such as the sliding glass door, are part of Australia's iconography. However, despite being almost universally loved, glass doors are often uncared for, despite having an obvious difference to regular doors and thus a requirement for a more intensive role for you, the owner. All it takes is a few simple steps every once in a while and your glass door will remain as good as new for years to come.


Unlike traditional wooden doors, glass doors require a good clean once every month or so. The build-up of dust and handprints can make a glass door look very grotty after a while and this will make it extremely unappealing to look at. You want to give it a really good, thorough clean, like you would your car window, so that it looks completely spotless. This is best done during the day so you can see if you miss any patches.

Frame Maintenance

If you own a sliding glass door, perhaps the most popular version of a glass door, then you need to keep the sliding mechanism and frame well oiled. There is a multitude of different variations of the sliding contraption, but generally, it is a combination of runners on a laid-out track. You want to clean out anything you can from the track and make sure nothing small manages to build up in that space. If the runners that the sliding door roles on are slightly wobbly or stiff then you might need to call a professional to re-align them so it doesn't deteriorate further. Do not try and yank the door back onto its correct position alone because this can cause serious damage.

Door Glass Repair

The glass in your door is clearly the most important part of your glass door, as the name would suggest, and you need to check it for cracks every so often. If you do find a crack or even just a hairline fracture in the corner, you should get the door glass repaired straight away. Cracks in glass are very dangerous as they cause weak points, and it requires much less force to break a weakened spot on glass door than a fully fixed one. If you don't call for a door glass repair, the crack can get bigger and weaker over time, which means you are risking the door completely shattering at a random time in the future. Don't chance having your home open to the elements; get door glass repairmen in to sort out the problem and move on with your fresh glass door.

For more information, contact a door glass repair company.