4 Reason to Install Stained Glass Windows and Doors

Stained glass windows and doors are no longer limited to places like churches. People have embraced these windows more and more and have found different applications for them. Here are some of the reasons you may want to put up stained glass windows and doors.

They are beautiful to watch

There are numerous designs of stained glass. Most of them consist of more than one colour. Some have artistic and abstract designs while some resemble people, things and places from everyday life. In a way, stained glass works as a piece of art that is attached to your windows and doors. Some custom leadlight designs have beautiful light refracting effects. When light is directed to them they create light patterns all over the room in which they are in. Not only is this amazing to watch, it also creates a warm and welcoming feeling to the space they are in.

They provide easy privacy

Unlike clear glass, stained glass provides easy privacy. With transparent glass, you will have to have accessories such as curtains, shades and blinds if you want to create privacy, but stained glass does this all in one. Because of its opaque nature, there isn't an easy way to see through the glass. Whether you are in or out, seeing through the glass is almost impossible. This is great for places such as counselling rooms, bathrooms or even offices where you don't want any form of distractions from the outside.

They obscure light

Although most custom leadlight designs have been made to allow light to pass through, most stained glass windows or doors are opaque in nature. This means that they allow very minimal light to pass through, if any. In the case where you require windows but little light, then stained glass would be the best option. Whether it is a museum or an art room or a hospital unit that requires limited and controlled lighting, then stained glass would come in handy.

They are easy to maintain

Stained glass windows require very minimal maintenance. For starters, they do not require much accessorising. This means you will save on money that you would have used if you had traditional glass windows or doors. Secondly, they are easy to clean as they do not require many products. You can use distilled water and chemical-free products when necessary. Stained glass overall does not get dirty or stain as easily as other glass.